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Dafin Food at
Panda Alam Asia,PT

Dafinfood is a brand that is owned under PT. Panda Alam Asia which focuses on developing herbal foods and beverages with several other variants.

Our Vision
To be the number one trusted exporter in Indonesia and wholeheartedly serve the world community with the best quality organic agricultural products
Our Mission
Serve client in the world with the best quality product of organic agriculture

About Us

We are Panda Alam Asia Company (PAAC), started its partnership business in trading for industry in 2016. PAC, based in Jakarta-Indonesia, was founded in 2016 and has a team of managing partners who present product lines offered to the global market. PAAC is Indonesian exporter, always present organic products in global market. Our best quality product of organic agriculture are arenga palm sugar, salaca, Vanilla, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and etcetera.

All products PAAC present in global market is the best quality product of organic agriculture. Each of our products goes through extensive microbiological, chemical and organoleptic testing before being delivered to global market. We are strictly find the best quality product of organic agriculture. We meet all of our suppliers and doing all inspection product before delivered to global market. We are exporter of Indonesia to ensure that our product quality is consistent, as organic and ultimately safe from adulterant and contaminants.

PAAC work together with supplier and farmers. We have programme to train and maintain farmers such as food safety, food diversity, and good manufacturing to produce hight quality organic product. PAAC here to increase Indonesian organic farming and present the best quality organic product in the global market

Our Spices

We believe good health starts with good food and good food comes from natural and organic ingredients.

We process our spices with NO chemical, NO synthetic ingredients, and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients including color or chemical flavoring, doesn’t contain synthetic chemical preservatives, and doesn’t exposed to irradiation.

Dafin Food

Dafin Food is company that specializes in developing herbal Food & Beverage with several other variants. We has been registered since 2020 under Panda Alam asia,PT

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